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First Day at School

Aida Losada


What happens the first day at school? Let's read a story. Students will then role play and retell the story.


The student relates characters and simple events in a read-aloud book to own life.


-Pictures related to school (schoolhouse, books, pencils, crayons, etc.)
-Storybook (something related to the first day of school - teacher selected)


1. The teacher will collect pictures related to the vocabulary.
2. Select a story to read to students. Become familiar with the story.
3. Download and copy the Associated File: -First Day of School Lesson Checklist-.


1. The teacher divides the class into groups of four.

2. For a warm up activity to introduce the new vocabulary, the teacher will show a picture of a school related item to the entire class. As each student raises his hand, the teacher will then ask the student to give the name of the item or person. After each item, the student will give the meaning of the word among their group.

3. Next, one of the group members will come up in front of the class and mimic (act out the word) to the rest of the class so the others can find out which word it is.

4. The teacher will then read the story to the class.

5. One student from each group will then retell the story to the class.

6. Next, each group of students will role play the story in front of the class.

7. To finish the activity, the students need to explain to the teacher what they like the most from the story.


A formative assessment will be completed using the -First Day of School Lesson Checklist- (see Associated File). The student will retell the story. The student will also name characters from the story and relate events from the story to their own lives. Students will also role-play the story.

Attached Files

A checklist.     File Extension: pdf

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