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Explorers of the New World

Pam Kennon


Students researchan explorer and learn how his exploration affected the Western Hemisphere. They demonstrate competency in using Encarta, information software and present a Power Point presentation to classmates with two scanned drawings.


The student uses electronic technology, including word-processing software and electronic encyclopedias, to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.

The student speaks for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes, including conversations, discussions, projects, and informational or imaginative presentations.

The student understands the post-Renaissance consequences of exploration that occurred during the Age of Discovery (e.g., European colonization in North America and British imperial efforts in India and other countries).


-Microsoft Power Point
-Library Books on explorers
-Explorers of the New World, CD ROM
-Blackline map of the World


Know how to use Encarta for research. Teach students how to scan their work into a document. Prepare blackline map of the world and assessment rubric.


Give students an overview of the features of the multimedia encyclopedia that you are using. A computer with a big screen TV can be used to introduce the software to the class.

1. Students choose from a list of Early Explorers on the New World list.

2. Each student will find the following information on his or her explorer:

Background Information
Nationality of explorer
Country explorer represented
Year during which explorer(s) traveled
Name of ship or ships ( if available)

Explorer's Goal
Main Events during Voyage or Voyages
Event #1
Event #2
Event #3

Outcome of Voyage
-Did he accomplish what he set out to do?
-How did his voyage affect the Western Hemisphere? -Did the country he explored for gain anything? -How did his exploration affect the people he came into contact with?

3. Draw a picture of your explorer.

4. Color a map of the world, and trace your explorer's travels.

5. Students will make a Power Point presentation from information. First slide will include scanned drawing of explorer with background information. A slide should be made on each boldface topic listed above. One slide will include scanned map of the explorer's route.

6. Students will present slide show on the big screen TV to the rest of the class.

7. Afterwards, students will discuss how each explorer affected the -New World-.


A rubric developed by the teacher and students together will be used to evaluate the final product. Criteria on rubric should show levels of performance on

~speaking to an audience
~quality of technical presentation
~depth of understanding of the consequences of exploration
~the use of electronic encyclopedia as a source of information
Teacher will observe during class discussions of how trade led to explorations of other regions of the world.
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