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Angels of Generosity

Amy Hayes


This lesson uses ANGEL CHILD, DRAGON CHILD by Surat to identify generous actions. Students will keep a generosity journal reflecting acts of kindness they performed each week.


The student knows ways to effectively express feelings and opinions on health issues.

The student begins to present facts and examples objectively.


-ANGEL CHILD, DRAGON CHILD by Michele Surat, July 1989, Scholastic Trade, ISBN 0590422715
-Photographs of famous generous people (i.e. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mother Theresa)
-Construction paper
-Notebook paper


1. Read ANGEL CHILD, DRAGON CHILD to become familiar with the text.
2. Gather materials and photographs of famous people


1. Show students photographs of generous people and ask students what these individuals have in common.

2. Discuss what it means to be generous- to be unselfish and willing to share with others.

3. Draw students' attention back to the photographs and explain the generous deeds the individuals have contributed to society.

4. Ask students if they can name people in their lives who are generous.

5. Read aloud the book by Surat, and discuss the generous actions in the story.

6. After the discussion, tell students they will be keeping generosity journals for the school year. Each week they will log one kind deed they performed for someone. It can be for a friend, family member, or even someone they don't know. Inform students that their actions should be something that truly makes someone happy. Students should be encouraged to keep their generous deed a secret with only you and the student aware of the greatness of their act.

7. Tell students that they will be required to inlcude the following in paragraph form in each journal entry: WHAT generous act did you perform, WHEN did you do it, and HOW did you do the act (anonymously, unselfishly, etc.). They will also need to explain specifically how their good deeds made them feel about themselves.

8. Set up journals. Use construction paper as the cover with several sheets of notebook paper stapled in between. Students should label their booklets GENEROSITY JOURNAL and decorate the cover. Once the journal has been created the students should be given ample time throughtout the year to add entries reflecting the criteria in step 7.


Assessment criteria for paragraphs in the journals include:
Opening sentence identifies the main idea of generosity.
Supporting sentences explain WHAT the student did, WHEN they did it, and HOW they did it. Conclusion expresses student's feelings toward their good deed.
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