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Who Wants To Be A Raindrop?

Cathie London
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students play a game which will show them how the water cycle can be affected by temperature and land features.


The student understands how the water cycle is influenced by temperature and land features.


-Overhead projector
-Transparency with the definitions for evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and ground water
-Poster of the water cycle showing a mountain, stream, ocean, land, ground water, clouds, the sun, and labeled with evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and ground water
-5 bases around the room clearly marked as cloud, ocean, stream, mountain, and groundwater
-5 small baskets (one for each base)
-Three copies of the strips of paper for each base (see attached file)
-Record sheet (see attached file)
-Notebook paper


1. Make a poster of the water cycle and label.
2. Make a transparency for the four words and definitions.
3. Copy the record sheet for each student.
4. Make three copies of the strips of paper for the 5 bases. Cut them into strips.
5. Set up the 5 base areas around the room (or you can do this outside). Clearly label each.
6. Place 1 basket with the appropriate strips of paper in them at the appropriate base.
7. Write out the rules for the game.


1. Discuss orally the four definitions using the overhead and giving examples of each.

2. Use the poster of the water cycle to explain exactly how landforms and temperature affect the water cycle. Ask questions to re-enforce understanding.

2. Hand out the student record sheets to each student.

3. Explain the rules of the game: When you arrive at a base pick up one strip of paper, read what it says, then fill out the record sheet beside number 1. Return the slip of paper to the basket and wait quietly. When you hear the word “cycle” go to the destination you wrote by number 1. Continue in the same manner until I say stop. Remember do not go to another base until I say “cycle”. Are there any questions?

4. Divide the class into 5 equal groups.

5. Send each group to a station and begin playing the game.

6. When the teacher says “stop” the students return to their desks.

7. Have some of the students share orally their travels during the game and how temperature and landforms affected what happened to them during the game.

8. The teacher models on the overhead projector how they are to write informative paragraphs using criteria set in the checklist (see attached file).

9. The students write their informative paper about the water cycle .

10. Collect and assess the papers.


The students will write an informative paper describing the water cycle, and how it is affected by landforms and temperature. They are to use what happened to them in the game as examples in their writings.
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