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Christmas Shopping

Deborah Brannon


Students will pretend to buy age/gender appropriate Christmas presents using a given budget for a specified number of people.


The student understands the concept of earning income and the basic concept of a budget.


-Sale papers found in the newspaper
-List of people with ages


1. Gather sale papers and catalogs.
2. Set up a list of people to buy for at Christmas and duplicate as worksheet.
3. Set up a budget.
4. Gather enough calculators for the class to share.


1. Explain to the class that they are going to do what parents hate to do.... try to buy Christmas presents for everyone on their list and stay within their budget.

2. Pass out a worksheet that lists the names of the people to buy for and their ages if needed. On this worksheet, have a place for students to write the gift, the store where it was located, and the price of the item.
Brother Mike (age 32)
Sister Lucy (age 12)
Grandma (age 68)
Cousin Justin (age 2)

3. Make available several sales papers and catalogs for the students to look through.

4. Set a budget of about $500.

5. Have the students begin looking through the sale papers and list the gift, the store where they found it, and the cost.

6. After completing their gift lists, the students are to get a calculator and add up their total purchases to see if they have stayed within the set budget. If they have gone over their budget, they need to rethink and buy something else to make their budgets work.

7. Compare each student's spending to see who saved the most and who spent the most and discuss together how and/or why these were different.


The teacher assesses through observation by determining that the gifts are age/gender appropriate and are within the assigned budget.
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