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Organization of Nations Project

Jillian Eriksson
Lee County School District


This lesson is a research project that teaches different viewpoints on current world issues. Each student researches a different country, becomes its ambassador and represents its interests in classroom debates with other countries on current issues.


The student understands how cultural and technological characteristics can link or divide regions.


-Project Worksheet (class set)(see associated file)
-MLA Works Cited Worksheet (class set) (see associated file)
-Student / Country Worksheet (class set) (see associated file)
-United Nations Facts Worksheet (class set)(see associated file)
-Brown paper bag
-Scrap paper with each country listed on it
-Online computers (3 students per computer)


1.Become familiar with the United Nations website.
2.Create a chart of the procedure used by the UN to pass a law or decree.
3.Post the chart as a reference during the class when the students present their projects.
4. Write the name of each country on a 2- x 2- piece of paper and put the papers in a paper grocery bag.
5. Copy a class set of each student handout from the file attachment.
6. Create three general questions about the countryies that the guest teachers could ask the students. Supply the guest teachers with the answer also.
7. Create four topics that you would want your students to debate and hand a copy of these topics to your guest teachers.
8. Explain the format of the presentations to your guest teachers and show them the assessment rubric so they know what is expected of the students.


NOTE: This is a research project and assumes that students are familiar with sources and how to use them. In addition, much time is needed for student research. During this time, be available to offer guidance and feedback to students. Set up deadlines for students.

1. Hand out Organization of Nations project worksheet (See Attached File).

2. Explain the project by reading and explaining the worksheet to the class.

3. Pass out worksheet on the United Nations (See Associated File).

4. Have students go to UN website. In groups of three, answer the questions on the worksheet.

5. Explain that the Organization of Nations Project is similiar in format to the United Nations.

6. Read the project objective and answer any student questions.

7. Have each student choose the country by drawing a name from the paper bag

8. Assess the research project using the assessment criteria handout (See Attached File).

9. Remove each student's map from the project and tape to his desk.

10. Move desks into a horseshoe shape.

11. Ask two teachers, besides yourself, to sit in the classroom during the presentations and debates. These teachers can redirect the debates when they get off task, giving you an opportunity to observe and assess the debates.


The project itself is worth 100 points (Rubric is in attachment).
The presentation of the project is worth 50 points.


To meet the need of ESOL students, I allowed them to become an ambassador from the country they emmigrated from. I encouraged them to use this lesson as a chance to teach people about their native country. ESE accomodations for this assignment do not need to be too elaborate. I allowed four weeks for the completion of the project and it is organized and explained with little or no room for interpretation.

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