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One Pager

Shelly Clark
Leon County Schools


After reading the novel FREAK THE MIGHTY students will be able to describe and illustrate the setting of the novel, explain character development through production of a graphic organizer, and identify the elements of the plot.


The student describes or illustrates the setting in a literary text.

The student explains character development in a literary text.

The student creates a graphic organizer that represents the complex elements of a plot in a literary text.


-FREAK THE MIGHTY (Rodman Philbrick,Scholastic, 2001)
-Legal size white paper
-Overhead projector
-One copy of novel for each student
-One copy of the rubric for each student (SEE ASSOCIATED FILES)


1. Order enough copies of FREAK THE MIGHTY for each student (books can be ordered from or Scholastic)
2. Copy One-Pager form onto transparency.
3. Set up overhead projector
4. Assemble necessary materials (paper, markers, crayons, rulers)
5. Copy assessment rubric for distribution to students (see associated file)


Students should have read the novel FREAK THE MIGHTY before initiating this lesson.

Day 1
1. Review story elements through a class discussion. Discussion points include: plot, setting, and character development. Discuss with the students examples of these elements based on the novel FREAK THE MIGHTY. Possible questions could be as follows:

PLOT: What is plot? What are some examples of the plot from FREAK THE MIGHTY? What is the main conflict? How is the conflict resolved?

SETTING: What is setting? Where does the story take place? How do we know? What are the clues in the novel that help us determine the setting of the story? If you had to illustrate the setting, what do you think it would look like?

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Who are the main characters? What do we know about our main characters? How do we know? What are the experiences they go through? What do they look like? How do the different characters deal with the conflicts in the novel?

2. Address any questions or concerns that the students may have. Discuss the following:
Re-define the term conflict.
Re-define the term resolution.
How would the novel be different if the characters personalities were swapped?
What do you think would happen next if you could write the next chapter?

3. Through a class discussion review the ideas of a road map, flow chart, and sequencing chart. Students work individually to develop graphic organizers to help them map out the plot of the story. Students work on scrap paper to develop ideas. Let students be as creative as possible. Periodically point out exemplary examples/ideas of graphic organizers as you observe their work.

4. Allow students to share their ideas with their classmates in either pairs or groups of four to five. Groups report back to class.

5. Review the elements discussed today. Tell the students tomorrow they will be working on demonstrating their knowledge of these elements through designing their own One Pagers (show example on overhead projector).

Days 2 & 3

1. Review the elements of plot, setting, and character development. Address any questions that the students may have.

2. Introduce the One Pager idea to the students (transparency / see associated file).

3. Pass out the scoring rubric to students (see associated file).

4. Instruct students on what is expected of them. They are to complete the One Pager using the transparency and the rubric as a guide.

5. Pass out legal size paper and supplies to students.

6. Instruct students that they will have two days to complete this activity.

7. When students finish this activity, have them turn in their One Pagers with their scoring rubric (see associated file).

8. Score students using the rubric and return the One Pagers to students.


Assessment of studentsí One Pagers will be based on the rubric attached in Associated Files.

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