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Let's Write Invitations for our Class Celebration

Patti Pensula


Students are introduced to the parts of a letter as well as the components of a written invitation. They then compose letters in which they invite family members to an upcoming classroom celebration.


The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, letters to invite or thank, stories or poems to entertain, information to record).


-Large manila envelope
-Chart stand
-Chart paper
-Post-it notes (3” x 5” or larger)
-Student writing paper


1. Prepare a large manila envelope addressed to the class (i.e. To Mrs. _____’s Class, c/o ______ School, etc.).
2. Prepare a chart-sized letter from you which is addressed to the class inviting them to a special celebration making sure that you include specific information in terms of the date, time, and location.
3. Label post-it notes (at least 3” x 5”) with the specific parts of the letter and components of a written invitation (listed above).
4. Secure a chart stand and plenty of writing paper and pencils for the students.


1. Gain the students’ attention by showing them a large manila envelope addressed to the class. Ask them what might be inside of it. Then open it and display the chart-sized letter you have written to invite them to a special celebration for the class and their family members.

2. Display this letter on a chart stand. As you introduce and describe each section of the written letter (i.e. date, heading, body, closing, and signature) and the components of an invitation (i.e. Who?, What?, When?, Where?), affix a labeled post-it note.

3. Remove the post-it labels from the letter. Have the students play an “I Spy” game by matching the labels to the appropriate parts of the letter. Have the students play this game several times.

4. Discuss how the students might write their own letters to invite their family members to the special celebration.

5. Distribute writing paper and pencils and have them write their letters independently.

6. Referring back to the letter on the chart stand, review each part of the letter and the components of the written invitation as you reaffix the proper post-it labels. (As a result, the students will be able to refer to the model as they write their own letters.)

7. Circulate around the classroom and assist the students with editing their letters to ensure that they have included each of the proper sections of the letter as well as the components of the invitation.


1. As the students have repeated experiences playing the “I Spy” game, the teacher will determine that they are able to identify each section of the written letter (date, heading, etc.) as well as each component of the invitation (Who?, What?, etc.).
2. By circulating around the classroom, the teacher will offer the students assistance and check for their understanding as they write their letters to invite.


Allow students to dictate or type their letters on either their PC at home or at school. If necessary, arrange to have translators available so that second language students can dictate their letters.
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