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Graphing Valentine Candies

Mirtha Pineda


The student will learn to organize and display information in bar graph form using appropiate labels.


The student chooses reasonable titles, labels, scales and intervals for organizing data on graphs.


-Overhead transparencies
-Overhead markers
-Valentine Candies (one box of candies per
-Tally chart worksheet (one per student)
-Bar Graph worksheet (one per student)


1.Make copies of tally chart and bar graph worksheets (see associated file) for each student.
2.Teacher will purchase Valentine candies boxes (one box per student).
3.Make a copy of tally chart and bar graph worksheet (see as associated file) on overhead transparency.


Whole Class Activity

1. Teacher places one candy heart on each student's desk.

2. Teacher asks students if they enjoyed their candy hearts and if they remember what color their candy heart was.

3. The teacher takes out the overhead transparency with the tally chart on it (see associated file).

4. The teacher begins to list the different colors of candy hearts on the tally chart.

5. Once the teacher finishes writing the colors on the tally chart, she asks the students to raise their hand if they have the corresponding color.

6. The teacher calls out each color one at a time, and if any student has the color being called, they raise their hand. The teacher counts them out loud and places the total on the tally chart worksheet.

7. The teacher takes out the bar graph worksheet and begins to explain the labels and features of the graph to the class as she displays the data collected, by showing numbers vertically and colors horizontally (see associated file).

8. The teacher draws a bar showing how many students have each color. (There will be one bar for each color of candies).

9. The teacher goes over the bar graph orally with the class and reviews the five parts of a graph in which includes a title, two sub-titles, numbers vertically and colors horinzontally.

Individual Activity

1. The teacher tells the students that they will create their tally chart and bar graph using their own box of Valentine candies.

2. The teacher gives each student a box of Valentine heart candies, a worksheet of the tally chart and a worksheet of the bar graph.

3. Each student opens the box of candy hearts and sorts them according to color.

4. The teacher asks the students what title and sub-titles should be given to their bar graph, making sure to address the different parts to a graph.

5. The teacher tells the students that they need to decide what intervals will be used in the bar graph, giving suggestions of making them consistent intervals of 2's or 5's.

6. Each student completes their tally chart and bar graph showing the different colors of Valentine candies.

7. The teacher tells the students to color their bar on the graph according to the color of the candy hearts.

8. Each student has the opportunity to share their findings of their graph with their classmates.

9. The teacher uses the overhead bar graph transparency to display the class findings and tells the students to enjoy their Valentine candy hearts.


The teacher assesses the accuracy of each studentís bar graph. Teacher should check for the following items: 1. Title and sub-title, labeled correctly, including the showing of numbers vertically and color horizontally. 2.The number scale used vertically must corelate to the amount of valentine candies on each student's box.


To provide further practice for those needing remediation, use another graph, discuss it again, and have students graph another set of data.

Attached Files

A sample of a tally chart and bar graph worksheet.     File Extension: pdf

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