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What Do We Know About the Civil War?

Nouri Ameli
Gadsden County Schools


The Civil War was an important event in United States history. War, death, destruction, slavery and more occurred during the Civil War. We should ask ourselves, what were the negative and positive effects that resulted from the Civil War?


The student understands the military and economic events of the Civil War and Reconstruction.


-Overhead Projector and marker
-Paper and Pencil
-The American Civil War Study Sheet (see Associated File)
-Overhead transparency of The American Civil War Study Sheet (see Associated File)
-Textbook; THE AMERICANS. McDougal Little, Evanson, Illinois.


1. Thoroughly review in your adopted social studies textbook the chapter on the American Civil War.
2. Review other possible sources.
3. Gather transparency film and overhead projector.
4. Review and make transparency of The American Civil War Study Sheet located in the Associated File. Note: Besides sharing this information with students, this study sheet is a source for the teacher to use in order to get the main ideas in a short time.


Day 1
1. Begin lesson by asking students to share information they already know concerning the Civil War.

2. Clearly explain the objective of the lesson: what are the negative and positive impacts of the Civil War? (for example, destruction, death, improvement of economic situation)

Day 2
3. Begin the lesson by conducting a brief review of the previous day’s discussion.

4. Place the overhead transparency (see Associated File) on the overhead projector to provide support for the lecture and allow students to visualize the discussed subject.

5. At this point, inform students that upon completion of the lesson, they will be required to organize information using a T-chart graphic organizer.

Day 3
6. Share an example of a T-chart and explain how to organize information by using the chart.

7. Involve students in question and answer and classroom discussion.

8. Instruct students about their responsibility to complete the T-chart and submit their final work to you.


After the completion of the lesson on the American Civil War, students will demonstrate understanding of the major events of the war. Evidence of student understanding will be shown through the completed T-Charts. The teacher will formatively assess student understanding as students complete T-Charts to demonstrate their knowledge regarding the negative and positive effect of the war on the American people. Criteria: T-Charts should include at least three examples of positive and negative effects. The effects should be entered in the appropriate section of the T-Chart. Teacher will offer feedback to students as observation occurs. The results of this formative assessment will provide the teacher with information regarding whether or not students are ready to move on to new topics.

Attached Files

The American Civil War Study Sheet and a sample T-Chart.     File Extension: pdf

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