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Amazing Animals

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Amazing Animals gives students an opportunity to use their estimation skills as they compare amazing animal facts to their human world.


The student prepares for writing by recording thoughts, focusing on a central idea, grouping related ideas, and identifying the purpose for writing.

The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes.

The student uses place-value concepts of grouping based upon powers of ten (thousandths, hundredths, tenths, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands) within the decimal number system.


-Overhead and pen
-Student paper and pencils
-Individual student copies of Calculating Amazing Animal Challenges Scoring Guide
-Individual student Number Cruncher's Journals


1. Write Amazing Animal Challenge on the overhead.
2. Gather animal reference materials.
3. Pre-load animal reference software on computer stations (Encarta and Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia)


1. The teacher writes the Amazing Animal Challenge on the overhead:
Choose the best estimate.
If a peregrine falcon can travel up to 213 miles per hour, estimate how long it would take for it to travel to Tallahassee from Panama City. How does that compare to our school bus travel time?
2. Students work in teams to generate predictions. Team leaders share predictions with the class as the teacher records the predictions. The teacher encourages students to share problem-solving strategies.
3. The teacher extends a writing invitation to the class to create their own Amazing Animal Challenges for the class. Animal reference books and computer software are available for reference. Students write their own challenges.
4. Students are given copies of Calculating Amazing Animal Challenges Scoring Guide. Students exchange papers and calculate predictions for other student's challenges. Papers are returned to the writers, and writers are asked to check the accuracy of the human calculators' predictions and conference with the human calculator.
5. Students self-assess their work using Calculations of Other Student Challenges Scoring Guide.
6. Students place their Amazing Animal Challenges, calculations of other students' Amazing Animal Challenges, and Calculating Amazing Animal Challenges Scoring Guide in their Number Cruncher's Journal.


Students use Calculations of Other Student Challenges Scoring Guide to self-assess. Teacher uses the same scoring guide and additionally assessess student Number Cruncher's Journal.

Attached Files

Calculating Amazing Animals Challenges Scoring Guide     File Extension: pdf

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