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Geo Jammin' By Design - Day 3, Lesson 18: Coordinated!

Katie Koehnemann
Bay District Schools


A sequence of drawings performed by the teacher, leads students to make associations with the object being drawn and geometry content learned in prior lessons. Through questioning students unlock Quadrant 1 of a coordinate plane and new vocabulary words.


The student describes symmetry in two-dimensional shapes.

The student determines lines of symmetry of two-dimensional shapes by using concrete materials.

The student knows congruent shapes.

The student identifies shapes that can be combined or separated (for example, a rectangle can be separated into two triangles).

The student predicts the reflection of a given two-dimensional shape.

The student locates and identifies the coordinate points of objects on a coordinate grid (first quadrant).


-Chalk or white board with markers
-Printed set of instructions for this lesson. (See Associated File)


1) Have available a large clean surface on which you can draw, and then easily erase portions of the drawing.
2) Print out a copy of the complete lesson instructions from the Associated File.
3) Review the procedures as described in the instructions so the lesson will flow smoothly.


1) Gain students’ attention by drawing on the chalkboard. Draw each item in the order they are listed. Students name each item and try to figure out what is being drawn.

2) Through questioning, students unlock Quadrant # 1 of a coordinate plane and new vocabulary words associated with coordinate geometry.


3) Do not erase the grid you have drawn for this lesson. Students will need to refer to it in the next lesson.


Formative assessment occurs as students watch and observe as the coordinate grid is drawn on the board. As students respond to questions and offer suggestions as to what is being created, listen for associations that give clear evidence that students are thinking about quilts, shapes within shapes, horizontal and vertical, congruent, reflections, symmetry, and line of symmetry. There should be clear transition of knowledge with regard to points, squares, and geoboards (studied in the unit Geo Jammin’). Identity and location of coordinate points on the coordinate rid is formatively assessed as individual students tell how to locate a given point as the teacher follows their directions and marks it on a grid. Listen for students starting at the origin point and counting to the right first and then up, and by checking individual student glossaries for the correct meaning of coordinates and coordinate geometry. Use data gleaned from student participation and work to guide further instruction.


1) This is Lesson 18 – Coordinated; Component – Working With Words
Lessons 1 – 6 are for Day 1 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 7 – 11 are for Day 2 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 12 – 17 are for Day 3 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 18 – 23 are for Day 4 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 24 – 28 are for Day 5 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 29 – 32 are for Day 6 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign.
Lessons 33 – 38 are for Day 7 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
2) The Beacon Unit Plan associated with this lesson can be viewed by clicking on the link located at the top of this page or by using the following URL: Once you select the unit’s link, scroll to the bottom of the unit plan page to find the section, Associated Files. This section contains links to the Unit Plan Overview, Diagnostic and Summative Assessments, and other associated files (if any).
3) Learning Center Activity (for use during small group guided reading lessons) – Students add new vocabulary words to their Gloss-ary (Lesson 9) drawing illustrations for each new word.
4) Ask Hannah (Interactive Student Web Lesson) teaches and reviews symmetry concepts. Use as a learning center.

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