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Community Canned Food Drive (Part 1)

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


During the fall holiday months, the class actively assists the local community in the annual collection of canned food for needy families. Advertisements promoting the campaign are created with Student Writing Center.


The student knows various ways individuals and groups can work together.

The student knows how to enlist family, school, and community helpers to aid in achieving health goals.

The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, journals to reflect upon ideas, reports to describe scientific observations).


-Teacher-created sign to advertise the food drive (see Teacher Preparation)
-Individual computer stations
-The Learning Company’s Student Writing Center software
-Printer and supplies
-Student response/reflection assessment chart (see Teacher Preparation)
-Chart paper
-Copies of the associated file


1. Seek administrative approval for school participation in the annual canned food drive; offer assistance in serving as the teacher sponsor for the Community Canned Food Drive at the school, enlisting the support of the school’s student council.
2. Create a sign advertising the food drive using The Learning Company’s Student Writing Center as a model for the class. The teacher should demonstrate as follows:
-Start a new Sign document by choosing -Sign- from the Choose a Document menu or display an existing Sign document in the window and choose the -Layout- icon on the icon bar or -Change Sign Layout' from the Sign menu. The Sign dialog box will appear.
-Choose the border you want from the document from the Border list box. When the border is selected, it will appear in the Sample box.
-In Windows, choose the page orientation you want from the Orientation box. On a Macintosh, choose Page Setup and then choose the orientation you want.
-You can change the default font, size, and alignment to anything you want.
-Be sure to select an appropriate picture from you picture/clip art file to illustrate the canned food drive. You may want to draw one yourself.
3. Pre-load Student Writing Center at the computer stations.
4. Make assessment chart by writing the assessment piece on chart paper.
5. Duplicate copies of Writer's Interview Questions.


1. Request the class representative for Student Council to update the class during a class meeting about the upcoming food drive. The school will assist the local Salvation Army in collecting canned food for needy families. This campaign usually lasts approximately for six weeks.

2. Share a copy of a sign that advertises the canned food drive with the class. The sign has been created with Student Writing Center. Tell the class that they may choose to create a sign either for school, their family, or to post in local businesses to encourage all to help in the collection of canned food for needy families.

3. During Writer’s Workshop, train two children with a mini-demonstration at a computer workstation in using Student Writing Center. Once those children have made their signs, they train the next two sign-makers. The pattern continues until all students have created their signs.

4. Students print as many as three copies of their sign, because at this point many of them are so proud of their work that they want to take a copy home to their family, post one on the school grounds, and have one taken by the teacher or parent volunteer to a local business promoting the food drive.

5. At the close of the food drive, students are asked to write a personal reflection for the assessment piece. Teacher and students conference using the Writer's Interview Questions, Writer's Checklist for Planning and Drafting, and Writer's Checklist for Revising. (see associated file)


Students respond accurately to the following: Create a list of five ways that people can work together in a community project.

Students will explain in writing how the class helped collect canned food for needy families in the community. The written description should include:

-How the families of the class were encouraged to participate
-How the rest of the school was encouraged to participate
-How the local community was encouraged to participate

Writer’s conference between teacher and student during the pre-writing and first-draft stages utilizing the -Writer's Checklist For Planning and Drafting- checklist (see Attached File). Student completes -Writer's Interview Questions- self-assessment (see Attached File).
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