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Beat the Wheel

Kaye Maddox
Bay District Schools


This lesson provides an opportunity for students to practice multiplication facts in a large group setting.


The student describes a wide variety of patterns and relationships through models, such as manipulatives, tables, graphs, rules using algebraic symbols.


-Chalkboard and chalk or magnetic marker board and pens
-Wheels made from poster board (see Associated File for sample wheels)
-Internet accessible computers
-Student Web Lesson: Spinning Wheels
-Multiplication charts


1. Prepare sets of wheels as follows: (a) cut out two large circles from posterboard, (b) cut out the centers of each wheel, and (c) place the numbers 2-9 around the wheels. Number one set of wheels sequentially, and another set randomly.
2. Have multiplication charts available for students.
3. Have computers ready with the Spinning Wheels lesson available for students who want more practice.


1. After students have been introduced to all multiplication facts, they can begin this activity.

2. Divide the class into two teams.

3. Adhere two wheels to the board, one for each team.
Note: When the game is first introduced, students use wheels that are sequentially numbered. As the year progressses, the sequential wheels are swapped with wheels numbered randomly.

4. Students from each team go to the board.

5. The teacher calls out a number (2-9) for the students to write in the center of wheel.

6. Students then write multiplication answers on the board, going around the wheel as quickly as possible.

7. One point is awarded to the team that gets all the answers correct. One point is given to the team that finishes first. Both teams can earn one point, and the fastest team can earn two points.

8. Play continues until all students on the team have had a turn, or until time is up (teacher's discretion).

9. Students who want extra practice may use the computers and do the Student Web Lesson: Spinning Wheels.


Observation of student performance by teacher for the following criteria:
-Can students extend the multiplication pattern successfully? (sequential wheels)
-Can students correctly complete the missing parts on the multiplication wheel? (random wheels)

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