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Let's Graph It!

Dirk Naegele
Bay District Schools


Students calculate the conversion factor between cm and inches by graphing the height of each student in cm and inches and finding the slope of the line.


Interprets data that has been collected, organized, and displayed in charts, tables, plots.

Calculates measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode)and dispersion (range, standard deviation, and varience) for complex sets of data and determines the most meaningful measure to describe the data.


-Height Comparison worksheet (see attatched file)
-1 Meter stick and 1 yard stick for each group
-Overhead projector and transparency
-Thin lined graph paper
-Graphing calculator (optional)


1. Have Lab sheet ready for each student. (see attached file)
2. Have an overhead transparency ready for the students to record their results on. (see attached file)
3. Attach meter stick and yard stick to wall and have students measure their height in inches and cm at the same time.
3. Graphing calculator for each student (optional)


This Lab activity can be used after a discussion of standard units and conversion factors.
1. Have each student measure their height in centimeters and inches and record this on an overhead transparency. (See attached file.)
2. Using the class data, each student should construct a graph comparing the height of each student in inches to cm.
3. The teacher should discuss what type of relationship this is. (linear relationship)
4. A best fit line can be plotted on the graph and the slope can be calculated.
5. The teacher should discuss the meaning of the slope with the class using the formula y = mx + b. (The slope is the conversion factor between inches and cm.)
6. The slope of their line can be compared to the conversion factor between cm and inches found in your textbook. ( 1 cm = 0.3937 inches , or 1 inches = 2.540 cm)
7. If graphing calculators are available, the data can be plotted on the calculator and a regression line can be calculated.


A rubric is used to assess student performance. (see attached file)

Attached Files

Student Laboratory Instructions and rubric     File Extension: pdf

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