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The Eraser Game

Katherine Sparks
Bay District Schools


This is a good first day of school icebreaker to begin the new year. At the conclusion of this activity, the students understand the necessity of rules and the consequences of not having rules.


The student knows possible consequences of the absence of government, rules, and laws.


-2 classroom erasers


1. Ask the class if they like playing games. Tell them that you have a game to play that you know they will like.

2. Pass out 1 chalkboard eraser to a boy and 1 chalkboard eraser to a girl.

3. Say to the class, Ready,Set,Go.

4. The children will not know what to do and will eventually point out that you forgot to tell them the rules.

5. At that point discuss the need for rules and the confusion that exists without them. On the board list the reasons for having rules as the children point them out.

6. After the discussion, you might go ahead and make or discuss class rules, pointing out what would happen if you didn't have rules. Allow for student input.

7. At some point the students will want play The Eraser Game. It is also called King chases Queen. Both the boy and the girl who have the eraser are to stand up and put the erasers on their heads with their hands by their sides.

8. The teacher begins the game by saying King chases Queen or vice versa. If the teacher says King chases Queen then the boy will try to TAG the girl. If the teacher says Queen chases King then the girl will try to TAG the boy. The students walk slowly around the room and try to touch or TAG the other child while the eraser remains on top of both of their heads. The first child to drop the eraser or be tagged will be OUT. The teacher can control the pace by reversing to Queen chases King at any moment. When a child is OUT, he must give the eraser to another child to continue the game.

9. As you explain the game to the students, remind them or let them remind you about the reasons for rules. Once the students know how the game is played, we often continue it when we have a few spare minutes.


Note: This lesson only assesses rules.

Students write a paragraph explaining why we need rules and the consequences of not having rules. (Students should be able to explain that rules let people know what is expected, hold everyone to the same standard or expectation, etc. Children should reiterate some of the discussion points made in the classroom.)
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