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Around the World with Multiplication

Beverly Iacobellis
Bay District Schools


This is a fun and exciting game that reviews the multiplication facts.


The student recalls (from memory) basic multiplication facts and related division facts.


-A set of multiplication flashcards (the larger cards are better)
-Multiplication Worksheet (see Associated File)


1. The teacher should have a set of large flashcards ready for the game.
2. The students' desks should be in an easily accessible order. They should be able to move freely.


1. This fun and exciting review game can be used after introducing and reviewing the multiplication facts.
2. All of the students need to be seated in their desks.
3. Have the first student stand beside/behind the desk of the next student.
4. Have both students face the teacher.
5. The teacher shows a flashcard to both students at the same time.
6. The student, who says the correct answer first, proceeds to the next student.
7. The student who misses the answer will sit in the desk while the other student continues to the next student.
8. If both students miss the answer, a new card is shown.
9. The first student who gives the correct answer to the second card will continue to the next student.
10. The student continues through all of the rows of desks until they reach their own desk.
11. The winner is the student who reaches their own desk first.
12. This activity can be done when you have a few minutes to fill. It's fun and easy to use with the children.


A teacher can informally evaluate a student's grasp of the basic facts based on the child's participation in the game. A formal evaluation can be done based on the attached worksheet. This sheet can be used after students have had a chance to extensively practice the multiplication facts. The teacher can grade the sheet and give it a numeric grade based on normal percentages.


VARIATION: You can also have a -Multiplication Bee-. Just have all your students stand and ask them to sit down when they miss a fact. Last one standing is the winner.

You can use harder multiplication problems when they've mastered the basic multiplication facts. The students will need paper and pencil to work these problems.

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