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Shopping for Skills

Leslie Phillips
Leon County Schools


The students will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals using a grocery flyer from the newspaper. The students will select the appropriate operation to solve specific problems.


The student knows the effects of the four basic operations on whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.


-Class set of grocery flyers (either teacher created or preferably from newspaper)
-Note cards with differing money amounts written on each
-Teacher created questions (and answers) from the flyer
-Teacher created assessment
-Overhead projector/dry erase board/chalk board
-Students will need notebook paper and pencils
-Calculators are optional


1) Collect class set of identical flyers from newspapers, OR copy created flyer. (see associated file)
2) Prepare note cards of differing money amounts.
3) Prepare varying questions and answers from the flyer. (see associated file)
4) Copy final assessment. (see associated file)


This lesson addresses only operations involving whole numbers and decimals.

Prerequisites: the students will need to already know the processes of solving the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and decimals.

Calculators are optional.

1.) Begin the lesson with a discussion of money spending and grocery shopping. Facilitate discussions involving the possible purposes of shopping (buying for a recipe, buying with a limited amount of money, buying with another person, getting the most for the money, etc.

2.) Do several sample problems involving all four operations on the overhead (this will have dual purposes: 1) to instruct on processes of operations, though this should be review only, and 2) to instruct on selection of operations).

3.) Give students note cards with varying amounts of money and they must shop without overspending. There should be guidelines on what they purchase, for example, they must purchase a minimum of 8 items without replicating items.

4.) The students can create their own questions from the flyer (to include answers) to present to their peers (the teacher needs to monitor and check).

5.) Do problems that seem to be more difficult for students as a review.

6.) On the final day, the students individually complete assessment sheet using provided flyer.


For formative assessment, students will solve math problems using computation skills involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals through grocery advertisements from the newspaper or a flyer supplied in the associated file.

Students who do not achieve accuracy on 16 of the 22 items will receive additional instruction followed by the opportunity to refigure problem items.

Attached Files

No Name Grocery Weekly Flyer.     File Extension: pdf

Shopping for Skills Assessment.     File Extension: pdf

Shopping for Skills Assessment Answer Key     File Extension: pdf

Shopping for Skills Practice     File Extension: pdf

Shopping for Skills Practice Answer Key     File Extension: pdf

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