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Think Fast! What Would You Do If . . .

Glenn Rutland
Santa Rosa District Schools


This two-day project encourages students to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. It allows students to make choices and to use imagination to develop a solution for each problem. Solutions are then presented to the class.


The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to informational or imaginative presentations, research reports, extemporaneous talks).


-List of Think Fast problems (see file)
-Video camera and tripod
-Individual video tapes for each student


1. Make copies of problem sheet for each student. (see file name- Think Fast)
2. Have video camera and tripod set up and ready.
3. You could make an overhead sheet of the problems to be used with the class.


Day One:
Tell students:
Today you will be reading a selection of imaginary problems.

1. Allow students class time to read the selection of problems and discuss some possible solutions for the problems.

2. Randomly call on students to give an example of how they would solve a selected problem.

3. Give time in class for students to problem solve and think creatively to develop their own solutions for the problems. (Solutions due in two days).

Day Two:
To the teacher:
Today you will be video taping students' presentations. Each student will have his/her own videotape that the presentation will be put on.

1. Students will present their solutions to the class. The presentations will be video taped on the studentís personal portfolio VCR tape.


Assessment will be done through observation and video portfolio. Areas to look for are eye contact, verbal presence, voice, participation, and thought process.


1. Students develop own creative problems. (working in groups)
2. To modify lesson, students may develop illustrations to replace some writing and may modify presentation style.
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