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Vocabulary Drawing

Jeannie Overby


Vocabulary review by drawing pictures and writing sentences on index cards. Variations are found in CRISS strategies. This review can also be used with other subject area vocabulary studies.


The student extends the vocabulary-building expectations of the sixth grade using seventh grade or higher level vocabulary.


-3 ˝ index cards (enough for each student to have one card for each vocabulary word)
-Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
-Magazines (optional) or computer access to clip art
-Vocabulary terms list


1. Prepare the vocabulary list before the story is read.
2. Collect enough index cards for each student to have enough for each term.

3. Gather example cards for the class to view.

4. Prior to the students arrival, the teacher should have laminated cards with group members listed. Make sure you have placed a mixture of students in each group.


1. Prior knowledge: Give the students the terms (no more than 10) a few days prior to this activity. Use words students will see in their literature selections. Discuss the terms and instruct students to copy the terms and definitions to study.

Also, you will need to have previously discussed with the students your rules for working in groups. Suggestions: Each group member could have a job such as Recorder, Secretary or Reader. You might want to mention that a student can be removed from the group if the group -votes- the student out for several misbehaviors. If this happens, the student who is -ousted- would work alone.

2.Tell students that today we are going to illustrate our terms as we write a sentence using the terms.

3. Show students examples of vocabulary cards saved from a previous lesson. Explain to the students how to make the card:
Step 1: Write each vocabulary word on the front of an index card.
Step 2: Write a sentence on the back of the index card using that vocabulary word.
Step 3: Illustrate the definition of the vocabulary word on the back of the card (next to the sentence). Color illustrations are appropriate.

4. Divide the class into pairs or groups of four for this activity. Each group will make one set of cards for the vocabulary words using the format described above. Remind the students that each group member should have a specific job to be doing. Each group will complete one set of index cards for the vocabulary words.

5. When the students finish with the activity, discuss evaluation procedures. Have students use a rubric (see below) to evaluate the cards. Each group will trade cards with another group to evaluate.


Rubric for peer evaluation of vocabulary cards:

Commendable: Students have written each vocabulary word on a card; students have written a sentence on the back of each card correctly using the vocabulary word on the card; students have drawn a detailed illustration on the back of each card to illustrate the definition of the vocabulary word. Students should clearly have shown they know the correct meaning of the word.

Acceptable: Students have written each vocabulary word on a card; students have written a sentence on the back of each card using the vocabulary word on the card but not correctly; students have drawn a picture, but not a detailed illustration, on the back of each card to illustrate the definition of the vocabulary word.

Unacceptable: Students have not followed directions and are missing one or more steps: vocabulary word written on card, sentence written using vocabulary word, illustration of definition. Students do not have a clear understanding of the term.

Cooperative group evaluation: Teacher observation of groups working cooperatively.


This lesson will be a review for the week’s terms read in a selection earlier in the week. This lesson will conclude with a quiz on the vocabulary terms. You could allow the students to complete this activity on the computer, using clip art, or allow the student to cut pictures from magazines. For ESE or ESOL students, allow extra time to study these words or limit the number of words for them to study.
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