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Who's Confused? Not Me!

Megan Siska


Students create flashcards that explain often confused words which enables them to understand correct usage in writing.


The student identifies and uses the patterns and rules of the English language (for example, grammar usage, word pronunciation).


-Teacher-created vocabulary list of Often Confused Words (see atttachment)
-WRITER'S CRAFT, McDougal Littell, Inc.,1995
-notebook paper
-8 1/2 x 11 sheets of white card stock
-colored pencils, crayons, markers


1. Create a list of -Often Confused Words- from WRITER'S CRAFT text.
2. Gather materials for use.
3. Duplicate a class set of quizzes.


Day One
1. Students copy the vocabulary list (20 words), definitions, and example sentences on a sheet of notebook paper labeled -Often Confused Words- Study Notes.- This information can be found on pages 688 - 691 in the WRITER'S CRAFT text. (see attachment)

2. The teacher assigns each student in the class a different often confused word (vocabulary word).

3. The teacher explains the directions for the assignment. Students use a sheet of notebook paper and pencil to create a rough draft of their flashcards.

The flashcard should contain:
a) the vocabulary word.
b) the word's definiton from the WRITER'S CRAFT text.
c) a good, original sentence using the vocabulary word correctly. The vocabulary word must also be underlined.
d) a picture depicting the sentence.
Teacher writes this information on the chalkboard.

4. Students complete rough drafts for homework (if necessary).

Day Two
1. The teacher checks rough drafts for any spelling or grammatical errors. Once approved, give students card stock to begin their final draft. Students use colored pencils, crayons, or markers to create their flashcard.

2. The teacher collects flashcards at the end of the period and grades.

Additional five to ten minutes daily:
1. The teacher uses the flashcards to review for a quiz covering all the vocabulary words. Read the vocabulary word, its definition, the sentence, and flash the picture to all students.


1. Flashcard can be a classwork completion grade.
Or divide into five parts, grading mostly for completion, neatness, and effort.
20 points - vocabulary word
20 points - the definiton
20 points - the sentence uses the vocabulary word correctly
20 points - the picture clearly depicts the sentence
20 points - the flashcard is neatly colored
100 Points Total
2. -Words Often Confused- Quiz (see attachment)


This lesson can be adapted for any vocabulary lesson. The students enjoy seeing each other's work. This is a great way for creative and artistic students to shine.
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