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Geometry Geopardy

Annette Nixon
Santa Rosa District Schools


A fun way to practice and review geometry material.


The student understands the basic properties of, and relationships pertaining to, regular and irregular geometric shapes in two- and three-dimensions.

The student understands the geometric concepts of symmetry, reflections, congruency, similarity, perpendicularity, parallelism, and transformations, including flips, slides, turns, and enlargements.


-Overhead game transparency
-Cover strips
-Chalk or dry erase board for score keeping


1. Create the overhead game transparency. You may photocopy the associated file onto a transparency, but check to be sure it is large enough to be seen clearly from all areas of the room.
2. Cut cover strips the appropriate width to cover each category.
3. Arrange desks into equal rows for teams.


1. Divide students into 4-6 teams with an equal number in each. (More teams with fewer students in each seems to work better.) If there are extra students, one can be scorekeeper and/or hand-raiser judge.
2. Questions will be on the overhead and will be divided into categories. The points of the questions increase as they go down. Students cannot skip values, but must increase in order. They may move around between categories. Have a separate cover strip over each category, and move it down to reveal the next question.
3. Teams will sit vertically in a row, and compete horizontally with the other teams. On the first question, only the first person in each row may answer. They raise their hand, and the first to do so is called upon. (This is where another person watching is helpful.)
4. The students must answer in the form of a question, such as, What is acute? Those not answering in the form of a question are considered wrong. (This may be waived the first time students play this game.)
5. If correct, the amount of points are added to the team score. If incorrect, the points are deducted. (Scores sometime go into negatives.) If incorrect, the second person who had raised their hand is called upon. Remind them to keep their hand raised, even if someone else is called on.
6. The next member of the correct team chooses the next category. Only the second persons may answer the second question and so on. They may not help out their team members in this portion of the game.
7. Once the end of the rows is reached, the questions move to the front of the rows again. This continues until all questions are used or the end of the period. The team with the highest score wins! Homework passes or small treats to the winners are good incentives for everyone to participate, though once started, students usually become very engaged and competitive.
8. A final Geopardy round may be used. Each team decides how many points they would like to wager. The question is shown and the team must work together for the answer. Answers (in the form of a question) are written down by each team, and compared at the end.


Immediate feedback is provided as to the level of the students' knowledge. As this is intended as a review, student test scores indicate effectiveness.


This game can be easily adapted to any concepts, in any subject. It is easy to prepare and moves along quickly. Most all students become actively engaged and participate in the review.

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