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Getting to Know Our School

Akishna Glasper
Orange County Schools


Who works at our school and what do they do? This is a great lesson for the first few weeks of school. In this lesson students explore their school and the various types of people who work there (school nurse, custodian, and principal). The students interview these people and complete an activity based on the information they have obtained.


The student uses simple materials of the reference system to obtain information.

The student uses pictures, environmental print(for example, signs, billboards) and people to obtain information.

The student asks `how` and `why` questions about a topic.


-Chart paper
-Developed pictures
-Paper for drawing
-Ready made picture test
-Pencils (optional)


1. Have an idea of where and who in school you will take students to visit.
2. Talk to staff you selected about the possibility of being interviewed.
3. Take pictures of staff and their work places to use for picture test.
4. Have paper and crayons ready for student drawings.


Day 1:
1. Take students on a tour of the school stopping at important places (clinic, library, and cafeteria) and give a brief description of each place. While visiting invite the staff to come to your room for an interview so your class can learn more about who they are and what they do.

2. Return to classroom and talk about some of the places and people you visited.

Day 2:
3. Tell students that different staff members will come in to talk with them. Let students know they are to ask questions to find our more about the staff. Make sure students know to pay attention to what the staff says because they will use the answers in a later activity. Practice asking questions so students will know the correct types of questions to ask.

Day 3:
4. In a whole group setting, briefly interview staff members individually. Start off by asking questions like: What do you do at our school? Or where in our school do you work? Then let the students ask the questions and assist when necessary. Remind students to ask key questions such as: Who are you? What do you do? Where do you work?

5. Write down staff’s answers on a chart paper so they may be reviewed later with the students.

6. When all staff has been interviewed review staff (in pictures) and the answers they provided.

Day 4:
7. In a whole group give students a picture quiz. Place pictures of staff and their workplace in two rows, on opposite ends of the board. Have students come up and draw a line to match the staff to their workplace. Give each student a chance. Ask students questions in reference to information they have obtained and let them use pictures to answer. Example: Where does the principal work? To answer correctly they would point to a picture of the office.

8. Review details of staff interviewed. Tell students they are going to draw a picture of one of the staff they interviewed doing his or her job.

9. Give students paper and crayons to complete drawing.

10. Have students share their drawings with the class.


Formatively assess students through teacher observation as they ask what, how and why questions to various school personnel.

Assess students as they draw a picture of one of the school personnel interviewed acting out a part of their job.

Give students a visual (using pictures) multiple choice test, done whole group, to examine if students have comprehended the information they have obtained.

Possible questions for student test:
1. Where does the school nurse work?
2. What does the custodial worker do?
3. Where would you find the principal?
4. Who can help you find a book in the library?

The two performance levels are:
1) Mastered –student is able to ask on subject questions, draw a picture of personnel acting out their job, and get at least two answers right on the test.

2) Being developed- student asks a question of personnel, student draws a picture of personnel acting out their job and gets an answer right on the test.


1. Make thank you cards for all of staff interviewed.
2. Put all of drawings together in a class book and place in class library.
3. As a class make a picture map of school using pictures you have take.
4. For homework give student a picture question/ answer sheet to take home and complete with parents. Use questions asked during assessment in the same format.
5. Have students repeat interview process with their families and bring in pictures to show the information they obtained.
6. Place pictures by the door of room as a reminder to students who staff are and where they are located.

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