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Cold Sea Waters

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Cold sea waters affected the local and state area during the summer of 1998. Studying a detailed web-site map helps students gain an understanding of sea temperatures.


The students uses maps, globes, charts, graphs, and other geographic tools including map keys and symbols to gather and interpret data and to draw conclusions about physical patterns.


-Teacher workstation with web site bookmarked and Microsoft Word pre-loaded
-Student workstations with web site bookmarked and Microsoft Word pre-loaded
-Student paper and pencils
-Printer and printing supplies


1. Gather materials
2. Check connectivity of web site
3. Check printer status


1. The teacher shares the Sea Surface Temperatures web site ( via the teacher workstation large screen television and presenter box set-up.

2. Students utilize the web site at the student computer stations to access the map and other data to gather information about the summer's cold sea temperatures.

3. Students write a newspaper article describing the cold sea temperatures that will be published in the special edition of the class newspaper, -It Happened Last Summer-. Newspaper articles are published using word processing software.


Teacher assesses newspaper articles for evidence of details gathered from the web site map including data and interpretations about the physical patterns of the cold water.

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