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Fantastic Fraction Fudge

Amelia McCurdy
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students sequence a recipe and convert the ingredients into various fractional portions


The student adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, including mixed numbers, to solve real-world problems, using appropriate methods of computing, such as mental mathematics, paper and pencil, and calculator.


-Fraction Fudge worksheet (1 per student in associated file)
-One batch of fraction fudge per class


1. Gather all the materials (I have students bring in all of the ingredients.)
2. Make one batch of fudge per class.
3. Make copies of worksheet (1 per student.)


1. Days before the activity, have students volunteer to bring in the needed ingredients for the fraction fudge.

2. Discuss how fractions are used in cooking. Fractions are used in the measurement of ingredients and when recipes are doubled or halved, multiplication of fractions is needed.

3. On the day of the activity, read the recipe to the students. Explain that they will have to correctly convert the list of ingredients needed to make the fudge.

4. Go over the recipe conversion section and explain how to convert one of the ingredients. For example, in order to double the recipe, each ingredient needs to be multiplied by 2. To make a third of the recipe, each ingredient needs to be multiplied by 1/3.

5. If you are able to get volunteers to help, make the fudge in class. I tell the kids that they must complete the worksheet before they get a piece of fudge. It really motivated the kids to smell the fudge being made!


NOTE: This lesson doesn't assess the entire benchmark but only a portion of it.
Assess students based on accuracy of answers on worksheet. Offer corrective feedback. Some students may need additional practice before being summatively assessed on this skill.


An additional page is included based on correct sequencing of the steps of the recipe. After reviewing sequencing, students can practice using the recipe.
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