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Constitutional Amendments Survey

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Students conduct a Constitutional Amendments Survey to create an opinion poll forum for the upcoming Florida vote.


The student knows examples of the extension of the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.


-Teacher presentation system set-up with large screen television for class viewing of web-site
-Computer stations pre-loaded with graphing software such as The Graph Club, and word processing software such as Microsoft Word, and book-marked to web-site
-Printer and printing supplies


1. Gather materials.
2. Bookmark web-site.
3. Pre-load software.
4. Check printer status.
5. Prior planning/coordinating with fourth grade teachers.


1. Teacher shares web-site of proposed amendments to the Florida State Constitution with the class (
2. A class committee is shown by the teacher how to cut and paste the exact wording of the proposed amendments from the web-site into their survey creation as they prepare a survey in Microsoft Word. This survey will be shared with other fourth grade classes to extend the range of data.

3. Polling results are then counted, compiled, and graphed to share school-wide via the morning announcements and school newsletter. The Graph Club software is utilized to create large posters of the results, as well as a small printing of the graph for the newsletter.


Teacher assesses student knowledge as evidenced in the student graphs and survey results.

Web Links

Web supplement for Constitutional Amendments Survey
Proposed Amendments in the Florida Legislature

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