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Doodle Bug Family Web

Nancy Strong


In this lesson, students doodle to create a web about their family to prepare for writing. All bugs are worked out prior to the final draft.


The student makes a plan before writing the first draft (for example, drawing pictures, using graphic organizers).


-Checklist chart


1. Make a large checklist to be placed at the front of the classroom to show students what is expected in their plan.
2. Make copies of check list for student and teacher conferencing.


1. Begin a class discussion about families and things families do.

2. Allow students to participate in a discussion defining what makes up a family (example: mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents, pet, etc.).

3. Tell students that today we are going to plan a story about our families. We will create a plan using a web. We will name this web the Doodle Bug Family Web. We will use the plan we make to create a first draft writing tomorrow.

4. Explain to students that the plan should have five important parts. The parts needed for the Doodle Bug Web are a center circle and five legs. Students need to put the title in the center circle. The web will have five legs. One leg will be for your Adult Family Leaders( parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.), one for yourself, one for your siblings, one leg for your pets, and one leg for your family’s favorite activity. Using a chart created by the teacher, show the checklist that lists the parts their plan should have.

5. We will start by doodling our web diagram. Model drawing the web diagram on the chalk board to provide a visual example. Tell students that we first need to draw a large circle. Next we need to create five legs around the large circle with circles attached to each leg. Tell them that we will use these circles to record our plan.

6. Tell students that we will write the name of our topic, which is my family, inside the large circle. Tell them that each smaller circle around the web will be about their family. Guide children to help create each circle topic (example: Who are the people in my family? I will create a circle for my Adult Family Leaders.).

7. Instruct them to draw the large circle in the middle of the paper. Ask if someone can remember what topic our story is about. When a student shares that our topic is about “my family”, tell students to write the topic inside the large circle.

8. Remind students that their plan needs to have all the components listed on the checklist. Tell them that the checklist is hanging on the chalk board for them to refer to as often as they need to.

9. Instruct students to begin creating their individual webs.

10. While students are working, pass out the Doodle Bug Family Web Checklist. Instruct students to use the checklist to self assess their work.

11. Once students have been given ample time to create their web and self correct, you walk around the classroom and individually conference with students about their web. You will assess the students work and give immediate feedback for any changes that need to be made.The student and you will use the checklist to record any changes that need to be made.

12. When students finish their plan, collect their webs and checklist. You will give the web back to student the next day for a first draft of their story.


Teacher formatively assesses the student’s ability to create a plan before a first draft writing titled “About My Family”. The teacher and student evaluate the student’s web using a teacher generated checklist with requirements needed to produce a first writing draft. (See associated file)


The following are suggestions after the web has been completed:
1. Students share their Doodle Bug Web with a partner.
2. Students play a game in which they find another student that has at least one thing in common with his/her family.
3. The class creates a word bank for writing their stories.
4. Students write family stories and share them with their classmates.

Attached Files

Doodle Bug Family Web Checklist     File Extension: pdf

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