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Clean Air

Mary LaLane


Students create a graphic organizer to clarify information for a presentation.


The student uses strategies to clarify meaning, such as rereading, note taking, summarizing, outlining, and writing a grade level-appropriate report.

The student organizes information before writing according to the type and purpose of writing.

The student produces final documents that have been edited for-correct spelling;-correct punctuation, including commas, colons, and semicolons;-correct common usage, including subject/verb agreement, common noun/pronoun agreement, common possessive forms, and with a variety of sentence structures,including parallel structure; and-correct formatting.


-Sample sales reports
-Copies of rubric


1. Obtain and copy samples of sales reports
2. Arrange access to a computer with a graphic organizer program


Students will create a graphic organizer to outline a presentation.

Authentic Context: Congratulations! You have been recently promoted to the position of district sales manager for Clean Air Corporation. Your first assignment was to attend a regional sales meeting at which you received an important report on the air that children are breathing. Now you must summarize the ideas in that report to share with your sales force.

1. Teacher brainstorms with pupils ideas for sale promotion strategies using webbing or mapping techniques.
2. Teacher provides students with sales promotion report.
3. Students read assigned sales promotion report.
4. Teacher reviews the rubric for the assigned sales promotion report with the students.
5. Students create a sales promotion summary using the information in the sales report with the given rubric as their guide.
6. Students share their product in cooperative groups or with the entire class.



1. Are all templates in this advanced graphic organizer filled out correctly? yes no
2. Are the ideas organized in a way that clarifies meaning? yes no
3. Is the organizer logical in thought? yes no
4. Is the graphic organizer creative? yes no
5. Is the writing in the organizer clear? yes no

1. The main idea is clearly stated as a main idea or a thesis. yes no
2. Support for the main idea is given. yes no
3. Each idea has supporting details. yes no
4. The report includes an attention-getting introduction appropriate to the given audience. yes no
5. The report includes an effective conclusion that is clearly stated. yes no

1. The report follows a logical organization. yes no
2. Each paragraph has one main idea and four to five supporting details. yes no
3. The report uses a variety of sentence structure. yes no
4. The report uses correct conventions. yes no

Self-reflection: Students write a journal entry discussing what strategies help them to clarify meaning.
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