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What's the Scoop on Slang?

Janice Wilkins
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students write a fictional news article about a sports event using slang (jargon) which is based on the special jargon (slang) that sportswriters have developed for writing and talking about sports.


The student uses a prewriting strategy suitable for the task (for example, brainstorming, using a graphic organizer, listing ideas).

The student focuses on a central idea or topic (for example, excluding loosely related, extraneous, or repetitious information).


-Paper, pen, pencil


1. Have a week’s worth of newspapers on hand for student use.
2. Prepare transparency of scoring rubrics for ideas and conventions.


1. Days One and Two:
Begin these class activites with teacher showing examples of sports jargon and providing newspapers for students to look for examples of slang(jargon) in sports articles. Students keep a list, noting where each example was found. Teacher discusses with the class these questions about the examples found: Where is slang most often found? Where is it not used?

2. Day Three:
Students focus on sportswriters by continuing to look through the sports section of the papers and highlighting each example of slang they find.

3. Teacher and students then discuss, as a class, these examples.

4. Teacher instructs the class on the rubric to be used in scoring the students' news articles using the overhead transparency.

5. Students then write their own news article about a fictional sports event in a paragraph or two using examples of slang(jargon) found in articles.

6. Teacher scores news articles using the Six Traits of Writing Scoring rubrics for ideas and conventions. (See Web site: .)


The teacher assesses the students’ writing using the rubric for scoring ideas and conventions. The rubrics are from Vicki Spandell’s Six Traits of Writing. (See the following Web site:


Invite a sportscaster to the classroom to share his writing experiences.

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