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Message to Mother

Ronja Ashworth
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students write sentences to their mothers and include them in beautiful Mother's Day gifts.


The student writes legibly using manuscript form (for example, prints numbers and upper- and lower- case letters; uses left to right sequencing; spaces between words and sentences).

The student uses spelling approximations and some conventional spelling.

The student uses end punctuation and capitalizes initial words of sentences, names of people, `I`, days of the week, and months of the year.

The student uses complete sentences in writing.


-12” balloons (one for each child)
-Drinking straws (one for each child)
-Ribbon (thin for making scroll)
-Ribbon (wide for flower pot bow)
-Cardstock or construction paper (cut into 3”x5” pieces) (one piece for each child)
-16 oz. Styrofoam cups (one for each child)
-Paint brushes
-Old newspapers
-Easter grass (may be replaced by green tissue paper)
-Tissue paper (a variety of colors)
-Green pipe cleaners (about 4 per child)
-Permanent marker


1. Gather materials.
2. Print out grading rubric. Make copies so that there is one for each child.


Session #1:
1. Assemble students in large group. Gather attention by asking questions about mothers such as “Who has always taken care of you, even before you were born?” “Who rocked you when you were a baby?” and “Who gives you a hug when you get hurt?” Discuss responses about mothers and fathers.
2. Say “Today we are going to talk about mothers, because this Sunday is a very special day. Who can tell me why this Sunday will be special?” Discuss responses and explain the concept of Mother’s Day.
3. Tell the students that they will be making gifts for their mothers.
4. Distribute paper and pencils. Have each student write one sentence to tell his/her mom why she is special. Collect papers and assess before session #2.
5. Pass out Styrofoam cups, paint and paint brushes.
6. Instruct children to paint the outside of the cups. Leave the cups in a safe place to dry before session #2.
7. Explain to the children that this will conclude session #1 and tell them when session #2 will occur.

Session #2:
1. After assessment distribute papers to children. Help each child roll his/her paper and tie a ribbon around it.
2. Pass out balloons. Help each child put his/her message into the balloon and blow it up.
3. Tape each balloon to a straw.
4. Have children use a permanent marker to write “POP ME!” on one side and “Happy Mother’s Day!” on the other side.
5. Provide pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Show children how to layer tissue paper, stick a pipe cleaner through the middle and mash around the top to create paper flowers. Allow time for children to make 3-4 flowers.
6. Provide newspaper and painted cups. Ask children to fill the bottom of their cups with newspaper.
7. Put paper flowers in the cups.
8. Finish filling each cup with Easter grass or green tissue paper.
9. Help children create and glue bows to the tops of their cups.
10. Place the balloon on a straw into the center of the “flower pot.”
11. If you wish, wrap the entire gift in a large sheet of tissue paper and tie with ribbon. Children may create name tags to tie on the outside.


Use the grading rubric in the attached file.


1. This activity is to be done the week before Mother’s Day.
2. If a helium tank is available, you could blow the balloons up with helium, tie a ribbon around them, and tie the ribbon around the flower pot. This method would not require straws and tape.
3. Think about the children in your classroom who do not have mothers who participate in their lives. You may wish to provide alternative activities for certain children.

Attached Files

A grading rubric to be used for assessment.     File Extension: pdf

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