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Write to Remember

Jeanne Barber-Morris
Santa Rosa District Schools


After children read and collect information on women in history, your class has a TEA PARTY, with petit fours cakes and ice tea. Collecting research from selected books and the Internet, plus writing notes and oral reporting are lesson activities.


The student uses a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, brainstorming, making lists, mapping, outlining, grouping related ideas, using graphic organizers, taking notes).

The student uses alphabetical and numerical systems (for example, outlining to organize information).

The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to informational or imaginative presentations, research reports, extemporaneous talks).


-Copy of DINNER AT AUNT CONNIE'S HOUSE by Faith Ringgold ISBN # 1-56282-425-2/ 1-56282-426-0 (lib. Bdg.)
-One white 4x6 ruled index card per student
-One large chart tablet
-Overhead of writing directions
-One Woman In History card per student on pink colored card stock
-Write to Remember! Rubric per- student
-One flowered numbered PETIT FOURS CAKE per student
-Fancy paper cups
-Petite paper plates
-Plastic forks
-Paper napkins
-One gallon of iced tea


1. Order one Petit fours for each student with one small flower and each cake single numbered according to the number of students in your class. (most bakeries charge $.45 per petit fours)
2. Make the Woman In History Card model on the tablet chart. (Turn the tablet on its side and clip the pages with paper clips to keep them from flapping.)
3. Pre-read a different Woman in History book.
5. Check out books on individual Women In History from school library. Have a different woman for each student. No two alike.
6. Pull the Internet sites up if you need additional women for your students to choose from. ( see web site addresses)
7. Copy the Woman in History Cards on pink colored card stock- one per student. (see attached file)
8. Copy one Write to Remember! Rubric for each student. (see attached file)
9. Prepare ice tea ahead for day three. (Option: Serve hot tea as a special treat, with possible help from parent volunteers)
10. Buy petite paper plates, plastic forks, paper napkins, and paper cups for whole class.
11. Prepare writing directions on an overhead.


Introduction Lesson

Ask the children: Is there any woman in the family-life that is special to you? How is that person special? Why do you like to be with her or think about her? What is a Hero? How is the word SHEro formed? Who is your SHERO in your life?

Now we are going to read and collect information about another woman in HISTORY or making HISTORY. First I want to read to you a book about numerous women that have inspired the author Faith Ringgold.

1. Introduce the book. Tell them about Faith Ringgold and how this story developed from her story quilt “The Dinner Quilt.” Tell them about the form of art using painting, sewing, and storytelling. (See the explanation in back of book.)
2. Read the book DINNER AT AUNT CONNIE'S HOUSE showing the pictures carefully.
3. Discuss the book and ask questions.
4. Tell the class they are going to find a woman to read about.
5. Have each student choose a book and silently read for information.
6. Each student must choose a Woman In History that no one else has chosen. Everyone in class must have a different person.

Lesson 2- Day 2

1. Review the last lesson and ask questions about SHEROS, story quilts, and Aunt Connie’s House, etc.
2. Name the 12 women in the book DINNER AT AUNT CONNIE'S HOUSE. ( Rosa Parks, Zora Neale Hurston, Maria W. Stewart, Bessie Smith, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Mary McCleod Bethune, Augusta Savage, Dorthy Dandridge. Sojourner Truth, Marian Anderson, and Madame G.J. Walker)
3. Write their names on the board as the students try to think of them, with your help.
4. Pass out the Woman In History Cards- one to each student.
5. Briefly ask them about their own books they chose to read.
6. Discuss with the class the vocabulary used on the card:
? Facts
? Accomplishments
? Family life
? Attributes

7. Show how these words fit with the information they read about their Woman in History.
8. Tell the class that they need to COLLECT information that makes their Woman In History special, stand out, have courage, vision, creativity, historical contributions, etc.
9. Have them look for five important things that follow the asked criteria.
10. On chart tablet draw a version of their card, with the tablet on its side.
11. Fill out the chart paper with information on your woman using directions below. (Make sure the woman you are using for the model is not one they are reading about.)
Your may want to type these out and make an overhead:
? Cards need to be neat.
? Print only, with words spaced.
? Write only phrases, group of words, notes, that tell about five of the most important facts. Not complete sentences.
? Write your name on the back.
12. Give the students the rest of the class time to complete the cards.
13. The teacher will write a number in the upper right hand corner after the cards are turned in.

Lesson 3- Day 3

1. Pass out student’s cards.
2. Have the students practice reading them silently.
3. Explain to the class that they all will be reading and speaking about their Woman In History, using their cards and what they have learned. After they finish their performances, there is a surprise.
4. Have each student read and tell about each different WOMAN in the order of the numbers at the top right.
5. After they have finished the oral presentations, then you begin their TEA PARTY in honor of all the SHEROs in history.
6. Pass out the tea in cups and have each student come up and find their number (from their cards) on the cakes.
7. This is a valuable lesson of how and why we should remember the Women that have and are shaping HISTORY, ending it with a simple version of a VICTORIAN TRADITION of TEA and CAKES.
8. Have each child fill out the Write to Remember! Rubric. (see attached file)

Have yummy fun and enjoy history.


Students use the Write to Remember! Rubric. This form relates to the standards. The rubric also checks for students' ability to follow direction.

Teachers will use the same rubric- the Write to Remember! Using a 3-5-10 point range with ten items to be assessed. (Total points-100)


1. In place of the individual petit fours, use cupcakes, or ask your cafeteria to bake sheet cake, iced and numbered. Pre-cut the sheet cake ahead.
2. Have the students sketch and color, using craypas, crayons, water colors, or colored pencils, of their individual woman. Do this on the back of 4x6 white ruled index cards. Then make a bulletin display of student’s Women In History Cards with their colorful Art Portraits along side, calling the board Write to Remember!
3. After a more extensive study of Women In History Unit, Have an evening WRITE to REMEMBER TEA, with invited women family members of HONOR. Design invitations with the Write to Remember Theme. You may need to ask for school finance help, or plan the TEA around one of your monthly PTA meetings and have them help with the cost, too.
4. Invite guest mothers as speakers to share with the class about their accomplishment and their daring deeds in their lives. (Housewives can really have horrific days of responsibilities. When children hear the necessary duties of their lives in this scenario, it tends to amaze them.)
5. Invite your women on the staff to your individual TEA PARTY to share in the celebration of learning the traits of COURAGE, VISION, CREATIVITY, and the MAGIC- as Faith Ringgold says.
6. If you have Internet capabilities in your class or a lab, use one of the many quizzes, or research web sites listed, as an extensive and interesting assessment tool.
7. A possible different twist would be to serve hot tea with a bit of extra help from adult volunteers.

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