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Hello... I'd Like You to Meet.....

Dixie Wheelock
Bay District Schools


Students interview and introduce each other to the class as an opening activity at the beginning of a new class, semester, or school year. This can be adapted to any group meeting for the first time.


The student paraphrases information.

The student expands and enhances personal interest through listening.

The student formulates questions and conducts an interview.


-Overhead projector or chalkboard
-Overhead pens or chalk
-Cassette recorder with microphone for use as a public address system (optional)
-Notebook or file cards for anecdotal notes


1. Be prepared to facilitate a discussion on interviewing techniques.
2. Prepare a notebook or have file cards ready for recording anecdotal notes about students as they are interviewed.


1.Explain to the class the purpose of the activity is to help us get to know each other since we will all be working together.
2.Briefly discuss interviewing techniques.
3.Spend 5-10 minutes brainstorming questions students would like to know about each other. (Write questions on overhead or chalkboard.)
4.Pairs of students then spend about 30 minutes interviewing each other. If there is an odd number of students, you can opt to be the partner of a student or have a group of three students working together.
5. Day two students introduce each other to the class. (The optional microphone and cassette recorder can be used.)
6. Teacher assesses activity.


Teacher observes that student uses accurate information from an interview to introduce a partner. Students are given the opportunity to explore new interests gained by listening to the individual interviews. (Provide a time to chat with each other.) Teacher observes student interaction.
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