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Industrial Times

Richard Johnson
Beacon Learning Center (Bay District Schools)


Students follow a journalistic theme to find out about the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution. Activities, such as creating headlines, illustrations, writing and publishing articles, and participating in a Meet the Press panel discussion lead students to find an answer to the guiding question: Why do I do what I do?


Why do I do what I do?


The planned duration of this activity is 13 days.

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Lesson Plans

Growth of a Revolution - The Industrial Revolution
This is lesson one in the unit, Industrial Tool Time. Students follow a newspaper theme and create headlines for important events of the Agriculture Revolution and illustrations for the newspaper showing how the new inventions led to other inventions.

Continuation of the Revolution
This is Lesson 2 in the Industrial Times unit. Students research information on inventions that occurred during the second part of the Industrial Revolution. They write and publish articles on a selected invention.

The Industrial Revolution Meets the Press
This is lesson three in the unit, Industrial Tool Time. After categorizing the effects of the Industrial Revolution into positive and negative categories, students appear on Meet the Press to discuss effects and propose solutions to the negative effects.

Web Links

In this Student Web Lesson, students interact with the different effects of the Industrial Revolution while classifying them as to the historical theme for which they are best suited. They are also asked to make a judgment as to whether the effects are positive or negative.
Hard Times--Good Times The Effects of the Industrial Revolution
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