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Challenging Math Poetically

Sharla Shults
Beacon Learning Center (Bay District Schools)


This lyrical mini-unit focuses on the integration of mathematics and technology. A myriad of concepts are reviewed, reinforced, introduced and practiced while encompassing a method of making math problems set in a real-world context unique and interesting. The activity is expanded providing opportunities for statistical analysis to determine the most meaningful measure to describe data collected. As a further extension, students get the picture with graphs and excel in their ability to describe, analyze, and generalize understanding by creating a spreadsheet and computer-generated graphs. In conclusion, students determine the graph of best fit for the data.


How is mathematics applied in real life?
When is mathematics avoided?
Is reading really necessary in mathematics?


The planned duration of this activity is 8 days.

Associated Files

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Diagnostic Assessment†††††File Extension:††pdf

Flow Chart for Daily Assignments†††††File Extension:††pdf

Summative Assessment †††††File Extension:††pdf

Lesson Plans

Lively Math
Set mathematical problem solving to music and play like musical chairs. Use classical music to set a thought-provoking atmosphere. This is also an excellent method for reinforcement or review.

The Math Poet
Are you a math poet? Make math problems unique and interesting! Engage students in an active setting solving problems relating to real-world experiences incorporating rhythmic lines. A catchy line might save you time when solving a real-life problem!

Statistically Lyrical
Since all of the rhyming is through, now what are we to do? Describe, analyze, and generalize! Calculating measures of central tendency makes the activity even more alive. Stay tuned and you will see; the best to come is yet to be!

Get the Picture with Graphs
Pictures say a thousand words, so letís just picture it with graphs! Students examine line, bar and circle graphs in the newspaper and on the Web. Sketches of graphs are completed with emphasis on selecting the best model to depict data collected.

Letís go surfing! Students surf the Web gathering information about graphs. The data collected and analyzed in The Math Poet activity is now incorporated into a spreadsheet and graphs of varying nature generated to further enhance student understanding.
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