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Twin Traits

Melinda Dukes
Beacon Learning Center (Bay District Schools)


Explore the Nature vs. Nurture controversy. Participate in hands-on activities to discover how variation in species is due to exchange and interaction of genetic information from parent to offspring. An experimental design on identical twins concludes the lesson.


Which is a more important factor in how your personality develops - nature or nurture?


The planned duration of this activity is 11 days.

Associated Files

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Diagnostic Assessment (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

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Daily Integration Suggestions (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Unit's End Integration Suggestions (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

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Lesson Plans

Nature Versus Nurture
Is nature or nurture more important? Students begin the exploration of this concept in this first lesson of the unit, Twin Traits.

The Mysteries of Twins
How can twins help us uncover important information about hereditary? Students are taught how to read science content through the modeling of proper summarization techniques using the article, "Mysteries of Twins." Then, they practice the same reading techniques using another section of the same article.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know
Inquiring minds participate in an inquiry-based lesson plan which has them construct an experiment in a scientifically valid way that will shed light on the controversy of nature vs nurture. This is lesson three of the unit, Twin Traits.
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