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End with a Strong Contrasting Idea

     A successful conclusion may end with a strong contrasting idea.  Look at the sample below to see this "trick of the trail." 


     These lessons are ones that I'll carry with me throughout life.   The encouragement, support, discipline, and humility I've learned have helped me to mature and to grow as a person.  Success has taught me to be gracious when things fall in my favor, and failure has taught me things don't always go my way, but I can still lift my head because I know I tried my best.  Volleyball is much, much more than just a pass, a set, and a hit.  It's an experience that teaches invaluable lessons - lessons I need to become all that I can be in this life.

Used by permission of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon.  Reproduction is limited to the Bay District School System.

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