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Make a Prediction Based on Presented Facts

     A successful conclusion may end with the writer making a prediction based on the facts that were presented in the essay.   Look at the sample below to see this "trick of the trail."

The Never Ending Nightmare

     It is often hard to believe that through all the human advances, very few of us ever take action against such obvious outbursts of misogyny, which should have been an aspect of the past.   Unconsciously we believe that problems have a way of taking care of themselves and if we are not to do something about them, someone else will.  The sad reality is, the problems will remain until someone decides to stand up and take action, to make even the smallest voice count.  Until then,Taliban will continue to enforce their tyrannical measures on the women of Afghanistan, causing many more to lose hope that the terror, which continues to this day, will never end.

Used by permission from Vera, a tenth grader in Cleveland, Ohio.  The complete essay can be read online at

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