Rope the reader`s attention!
Historical Background

Finally,  another way to rope the reader's attention is to begin the essay with historical background information. Look at the sample below to see this "trick of the trail".

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     Imagine yourself living in a time when the average man grew to a height of about 5'2", the average woman to about 4'10", and almost no one lived to be more than 45 years old. At 20 you would be middle aged, and probably would have lost many, if not most, of your teeth. Your skin would be pock marked from chicken pox or acne. At 13, you would either be married or (if you were a male), thinking about becoming a priest or knight. They were about the only people who were educated enough to read, write, or do simple math. This is just a small glimpse of what life was like in the Middle Ages in the part of the world we now call Great Britian. As we will see, life was very different then   in almost every possible way.

This introduction was written by a seventh grader and is reprinted with permission from Great Source Education Group, Inc.

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