About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Beacon Educator is to provide educators with standards-based resources and professional development, thus enabling them to identify, design, and implement quality education.

Our Staff

Beacon is a self-supporting enterprise of Bay District Schools. Its mission is to provide high quality professional development and curriculum resources to educators.

Kimberly Kirby
Contractor for Technical Web Services
Chad Guynn
System Support Specialist
Ryan Lassiter
System Support Specialist
Michael Williams
System Support Specialist
Kathleen Jones
Lead Program Manager
Kay Landingham
Lead Program Manager
Aldo Redaelli
Lead Program Manager
Carra Summers
Lead Program Manager
Andrew Wing
Lead Program Manager
Daphne Graham
Instructional Specialist
Lee Ann Mann(Faculty Leader) Kelly Alfano
Molly Anderson
Candy Annecchiarico
Laurie Ayers
Jeanne Blackwell
Lauren Brown
Marlene Cabrera
Origin Call
Lisa Carter
Christy Clanton
Lynda Claspy
Carmen Concepcion
Lyndsey Dickson
Joan Ellis-Paul
Patti Fitch
Sidney Gill
Lynn Givens
Sandi King
Lisa Libby
Jennifer Mann
Joyce Menz
Debbie Obermanns
Sharla Parker
Jenne Palmer
Isela Rodriguez
Tracy Rogers
Jackie Russell
Elizabeth Segrest
Deirdre Schmidt
Amanda Scurlock
Sharla Shults
Patricia Thrailkill
Tanya Adin
Tarin Ariatti
Amanda Bazer-Leathers
Nancy Biddinger
Crystal Blake-Griffin
Carola Bolden
Mercedes Booth
Kate Boslet
Julia Bush
Diane Casella
Kelli Casey
Monica Cason
Catherine Connell
Robin Diedrichs
Tricia Dowdell
Natalie Faucher
Sherrie Fults
Veronica Garrett
Diane Gordon
Danielle Heath
Michelle Hines
Jill Kanji
Paula Kauffman
Katherine Laliberte
Patti Lapinsky
Sonia Larrabee
Amanda Maupin
Regina McDaniel
Sandra Mellin
Joyce Menz
Krista Millhouse
Tulsa Moore
Tami Newcomb
Hope Noga
Kristen O'Shea
Karen Osborn
Sharla Parker
Susan Phillips
Lisa Sheppe
Julie Smith
Deanna Wallick
Kara Washington
Richard Wells
Marcela Wesolowski
Susan Winters
Jeanne Wright
Alexa Zukauskas

Beacon Companion Websites

BeaconEducator maintains several companion Websites to assist our customers.

Visit our companion Websites with the links below.

FloridaEducator Classroom Websites - Build a classroom website using this quick, feature-rich, and easy tool.
Beacon Learning Center - Access standards-based lesson and unit plans created by teachers for teachers.
Reading Educator - Investigate a collection of proven reading strategies and their application in the four major academic content areas: language arts, math, science, and the social sciences.
Just Science Now! - Explore methods for teaching science through inquiry. The website provides a clear definition and list of qualities for inquiry methods, effective questioning techniques, and sample lesson plans implementing inquiry.
Feel free to contact us for additional information.